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How can a business ensure optimal tax savings and benefits?

Asap Business Concepts LLC regularly monitors federal and state tax laws that may affect small or medium sized businesses. Our qualified team of professionals structures tax and other financial services to the precise needs of all clients to maximize tax savings and enhance the financial security of your commercial enterprise.

How do Asap Business Concepts LLC’s commercial tax services benefit businesses throughout the year?

Maintaining accurate financial records while remaining informed of the latest tax advantages is an added task for an already busy entrepreneur. Asap Business Concepts LLC experts provide accurate bookkeeping and solid tax solutions that secure financial benefits for business owners.

Commercial Income Tax services:

  • Preparation and filing of Federal and State Income Tax
  • Unfiled back taxes
  • Sales Tax and Use
  • IRS Representation
  • Convenient and accurate electronic filing

Corporate Income Tax services:

  • 1120         C - Corporation
  • 1120S       S - Corporations
  • 1065         Partnerships
  • 990           Nonprofit (Exempt) organization - Also we do 1023 app. for 501(c)(3)
  • 1041         Fiduciary(s)
  • 706           Estate(s)
  • 709           Gift(s)
  • 720           Excise - Quarterly
  • 941           Payroll - Quarterly
  • 5500         Employee Benefit Plan -Retirement

International Taxation:

Systems of taxation vary among governments, making generalization difficult. Jurisdictions often impose different income-based levies on enterprises than on individuals. Entities are often taxed in a unified manner on all types of income while individuals are taxed in differing manners depending on the nature or source of the income. 

Taxation systems

Systems of taxation on personal income is usually broken down in these categories

No income tax on individuals




Countries with a residence-based system of taxation usually allow deductions or credits for the tax that residents already pay to other countries on their foreign income. Many countries also sign tax treaties with each other to eliminate or reduce double taxation. In the case of corporate income tax, some countries allow an exclusion or deferment of specific items of foreign income from the base of taxation.

Asap Business Concepts LLC is prepared to advise, prepare and report on your international tax matter related to the following areas:

Our team of qualified professionals is available to discuss various tax strategies and other financial service options with commercial organizations.

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