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Asset Protection and Wealth Management

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Asset Protection and Wealth Management

You heard it said, "it's not what you make but it is what you keep". Here at ASAP we are focus on helping you keep your wealth but also on grow your portfolio.

Building wealth requires a detailed analysis of your financial records to determine the tax implications of your investments and holdings. By structuring the most appropriate combination of assets within your portfolio, debt is reduced and income tax returns are optimized.

We are personal consultative wealth managers and truly client-centered. We meet a client without any presupposition about what financial products or services are appropriate for that affluent individual. However, our objective is to understand the person and find out what’s important and why. Then we are able to bring in the appropriate experts and provide the appropriate financial products.

What are the tax planning strategies that Asap Business Concepts LLC implements?

Asap Business Concepts LLC tax planning services include several methods of financial structuring that minimize liability. Tax loss selling, Income splitting, pension plan contributions, and determining tax exempt investment income, are some of the strategies offered by Asap Business Concepts LLC tax specialists that can reduce taxes owed.

The birth of a child, a marriage or divorce and other life changing events affect tax planning strategies. Qualified Asap Business Concepts LLC professionals financially manage all of these to your advantage. Clients are guided in their tax related decisions with regard to real estate transactions, cashing out stock options and additional transactions that become significant at tax time.

For an in-depth review of the many benefits to be gained through strategic tax management and wealth building services and products.

Some tools used in our asset protection wealth management process:

We specialize in offering a blend of insurances, annuities, real estate investment trusts, and tax shelters, etc., that minimize tax liability while increasing investments in instruments that grow our clients wealth at a proven steady rate over time that insure the profitability, prosperity, and protection of our clients' wealth.

Estate and Legacy Planning

A comprehensive estate plan should consider what happens in the event of both death and disability. It should take into consideration what you want to happen to your property upon your death, the financial well-being of your family, the degree to which probate can be avoided, and how to eliminate or minimize estate taxes. These goals can be accomplished through various means, including properly setting up ownership of assets, designating beneficiaries where possible, and executing a proper will, trust, power of attorney, etc. In addition to financial matters, an estate planning checklist should also consider the guardianship of any minor children, and medical treatment planning.

Here at ASAP we do this from a tax planning prospective. We do this thinking about how your Estate tax filing will affect your estate so we meticulously estimate what your 1310, 1041, 706 and 709 filing with the IRS might look like, if necessary. You can rest assured that these documents will give you the financial advantage will protecting your legacy with your heirs and beneficiaries. This is why we just don;t stop here with the distribution of your earthly goods we like to help you leave a legacy.

Adopt A Legacy Mindset. A legacy plan is not so much a plan as it is a process. One of the reasons traditional estate planning has failed is because an estate plan is viewed too often (by both clients and their advisors) as complete once your estate planning documents have been prepared and signed—you sign you will, trusts, etc., pay your attorney’s fee and go off on your merry way feeling good that you have now handled your estate planning. It’s done and over, right? Wrong. The reality is that once you have created legal entities and a structure for your estate and/or legacy, you have only just created the start line. Now the real work begins. You have to make your plan work by implementing it and making sure its purpose is fulfilled. When you are starting a new business, have you succeeded simply by forming a company? Absolutely not. The same holds true for your legacy—having a will and/or trusts prepared is simply the beginning. It is a blueprint for your success and the framework through which your legacy is going to live and evolve.

Here at ASAP, we build a legacy team around you to help develop a legacy team. While there may ultimately be a legal structure and system of governance put in place to protect, preserve and grow your legacy assets separate and apart from your non-legacy assets, your legacy plan is equally about establishing and committing to a process that enables you and your legacy team to remain proactive and intentional in implementing your legacy plan. Your legacy is the totality of who you are, and who you are today is not who you were yesterday or who you are going to be tomorrow. We like to help you to reflect that on paper and in personality.

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